Greetings, everyone, and welcome to Lines of Love. I’m glad you stopped by.

I decided to create this blog to communicate with all of you more easily, and on a more consistent basis. I absolutely love the exposure and support we are getting on Facebook (if you haven’t joined the group yet, you can visit us here. We also have a page on Facebook where you can become a fan; please click here to visit that page). But not everybody is on Facebook. By establishing our blog, and then eventually our website, we will have more opportunities to communicate to all of you.

I want to thank Kendall Reck for the great Lines of Love Logo that graces the top of our blog, and Heather from Goofy Girl Designs who designed our blog and took care of all of the behind-the-scenes maintenance that I will never begin to understand. Finally, I thank Lenore Wilson for really being the backbone of our online presence. Lenore continues to stay focused on making sure that Lines provides the greatest online opportunities for our teens in need. I know that Lenore will be with Lines for many years to come, and I could not be more happy to have her on our team.

So what’s next? Well, in the next few days, I’ll be providing the history of Lines of Love so that everyone understands (and remembers) why we are here. Then, we’ll be providing links to interesting articles, helpful resources, upcoming events, and more.

I encourage you to subscribe to our feed and leave comments to our posts. Check back often; we’ll be posting new information on a very regular basis. Also, be sure to let people know about our blog, and join us by becoming a Line of Love to those in need.

Love to all,