In the July 2011 issue of Cosmo, there is an article called “gorgeous, successful … and wanting to die.”

Directly from Kara Tagget’s mom, Sara: The article is about young women and suicide, and among the young women who have died by suicide is Kara. Check it out, pgs 156-159. We are hoping by sharing her story other young women who are struggling will get help – remember, speaking up is a sign of strength not of weakness!
Thank you Cosmo for printing an article on “suicide”; Cosmo’s efforts can only help to make “suicide” a less taboo subject!

As soon as the article goes online (assuming that it does), we’ll post it here on our site.

If you know of other articles that are running in local and national publications and raising awareness about depression, anxiety, and suicide, please let us know so that we can improve our newsfeed here at Lines of Love.