Olivia was a 19-year-old teen who loved life, but struggled with mental illness. She sent out numerous cries for help, nearly all online (including the video below), but nobody took her seriously or tried to help her. For whatever reason, she hid these feelings from her parents. Now, they are uncovering an online world that did nothing to stop her suicide — in fact, some even encouraged her. Olivia points the finger at bullying as her number one reason for suicide.

Untitled from Liv on Vimeo.

You can read the full story of Olivia’s tragedy here.

Olivia’s death, unfortunately, is not some isolated case. Thousands and thousands of teens and adults (and, tragically, pre-teens as well) are cyberbullied, teased in school and at work, and find they have no way out. They believe there is no one left who will take the time to understand their feelings and their illness.

You can help by sharing Olivia’s story. You can help by making sure you do not bully others. You can help by standing up against bullies and supporting the victims.

You can help by talking to your own children, talking to your friend’s children.




Be a line of love to these kids and these adults. Friends, we have to do more to pull together and stop this tragic, tragic ending from happening over and over again.