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We continue to receive bracelets from all over the country, and we are grateful for the care and love that has gone in to each bracelet, each note, each tag. When we open each envelope and package, we feel the compassion, the love, and the support that you are giving the Newtown community. We will never be able to say “Thank You” enough.

Recently, there have been numerous reports in the published media that Newtown has been overwhelmed with gifts of love and support. Warehouses are being filled as items are catalogued and stored. Some of you have contacted us directly and have asked, “What will happen with our bracelets? Will they ever really reach the people who need them the most?”

In a single word, Yes.

Earlier today, I had a conversation with a Howard County, MD resident who grew up in Newtown, CT and is an alum of Sandy Hook Elementary School. This individual has agreed to carry all of your bracelets that you have so graciously made and hand-deliver them to the teachers and residents affected most directly by this tragedy. We offer this individual our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for making sure your bracelets reach the people who need them the most.

From your hearts to theirs, line by line, person to person, our collective Lines of Love will reach Newtown.

Please continue to send your bracelets, notes, and tags, and please do your best to have them postmarked by January 7, 2013. If for some reason you will be a day or two late with putting them in the mail, we will certainly wait for your package to arrive.

Once again, the address is:

Lines of Love
PO Box 9738
Towson, MD 21284

Thank you, every one of you. We are grateful for your lines of love.