you-are-not-aloneI have been reminded, in recent days, how important it is to remember this simple statement: You Are Not Alone.

It doesn’t matter if you are struggling with mental illness, if you are sad about the physical illness of loved ones, or if you are having any kind of hardship: You Are Not Alone.

We see individuals in need all the time, wherever we go: at the grocery store, in our school, in our workplace, in our home. We even struggle with how to help, or we feel bad if we don’t do anything at all.

This morning, I needed to run to the store to pick up some cream. I arrived about 3 minutes before the doors opened, and I was joined by a handful of people who were waiting as well. Most of us talked about the usual things: weather (of course) and how much we love Trader Joe’s. One woman, in her mid-40’s, stood a little off to the side, silent.

When the doors opened, I stood to the right while the others walked in. She hesitated and gestured for me to go ahead, but without looking at me. I smiled, did not budge, and simply said, “after you.”

She caught my eyes then, and seemed a little surprised. She thanked me with genuine appreciation, and walked through the open doors.

I have no idea if she is struggling with anything in her life, but I do know that those 3 seconds that we shared carried with them a message of support, of understanding. “You Are Not Alone” resonated, and I hope she carries it with her, as I will as well.

At Lines of Love, we are here for all individuals, young and old. We do not question what is troubling you. We do not judge you. We do not have any expectations for reciprocity.

It’s just pretty simple and straightforward: You Are Not Alone. With those four words, we have the strength of a thousand sunrises to carry on, together, no matter what challenges we might face.