imagesThe Lines of Love bracelet is a trademark of our organization. It is both a symbol of support and a reminder that no one is ever alone. Resources (and people) are available, always.

When we first started making the bracelets in 2009, they were for those battling depression and anxiety. We made them in memory of loved ones who had completed suicides, and we gave them to friends and family members that we wanted to know there was a line of love for them.

In recent years, we have expanded the purpose of the Lines of Love bracelets, offering them to those who have suffered trauma and where depression is likely. In these cases, we hope that our bracelets have provided solace and a gentle pathway to helpful, supportive resources.

As we are now in our fifth year, we find an ever-increasing need to make more bracelets for more individuals in need. We continue to receive requests for bracelets, and we don’t want to turn away a single one.

The Bracelet Makers

lines of love braceletsAlthough we have amassed a small group of Lines of Love Bracelet Makers around the country, we are looking for individuals who would like to join our team. It is one of the most significant ways you can help Lines of Love, and the bracelets you make will offer love, support, and encouragement to individuals all over the world.

All you need to do is send us an email at and let us know that you are interested. There is never any stress or required commitment. Some Bracelet Makers select specific events and rally a full team together to make a large batch of bracelets. These teams are from schools, scout troops, sports teams, churches, and even business organizations.

We are always accepting bracelets to keep a healthy stock on hand. There are occasions, though, when we send out the call for an extra rally. These requests usually happen during benefit walks, tragedies, or when our supply is running a little low.

Will you consider becoming a Lines of Love Bracelet Maker?

The Lines of Love Bracelet

There are just a few basics when it comes to the Lines of Love Bracelet.

  1. The bracelets are usually made of “floss” thread, which is most common for making friendship bracelets. We ask that you send completed bracelets that are ready to be worn.
  2. We like to have the colors yellow (suicide prevention) and/or green (awareness of depression) in the bracelet. This is one of the standards defining the Lines bracelet.
  3. Other colors can be added to signify something important to you: a friend’s favorite color, a school’s colors, or a color that represents another cause (such as autism or cancer).
  4. There is no recommended pattern for our bracelets. Usually, our Bracelet Makers use patterns that they feel most comfortable with; as well, while most use 5 strings, others prefer other numbers of thread to vary the pattern and thickness.
  5. We request that you make your bracelets of varying lengths, as they will be worn by individuals of all ages.
  6. Finally, we request that you add a small, handwritten tag and attach it to the end of each bracelet before sending them to us. Most messages are similar to “You Are Never Alone,” “Every Knot Tied With Love,” or “Five Lines, One Love.” Many of our Bracelet Makers sign their tags with their initials and the date the bracelet was made.

lol ny photo 2Below is a video that we believe might be helpful. At the very end of this post, you will find our very basic instructions for making bracelets.

We are grateful to all of our Bracelet Makers. You make the difference to so many, and we will even be able to let you know where in the country (or world!) your bracelet was sent to provide love and encouragement.

Remember: All you need to do to become a Lines of Love Bracelet Maker is send us an email at For those of you who have been making bracelets for us in the past, please send us an email with your preferred email address so that we can add you to our new database.

To all of our Bracelet Makers: There is never any commitment, and we never, ever, share your email address with anyone.

With gratitude and love, the Lines of Love team

LOL Bracelet instructions